Want to know more about patents?

  • Patents

    Patentability advice

    We can provide our opinion on the patentability of your invention, including considering whether the invention is of a type suitable for a patent.  We can search for patent publications that may invalidate a patent application for your invention.

    Patent drafting

    We can prepare quality patent specification for a wide range of technologies.  Learn about how we can prepare a quality patent application in the video below:

    Patent filing and prosecution

    We file and prosecute patent applications around the globe, including in Australia, the US, Europe and China.  We are backed up by our network of foreign associates that are expert in local law and practice.  Learn about the patent application process in the video below:

    Patent infringement & freedom to operate advice

    We can help you assess the risk that your commercial activities infringe a patent, including searching for patents that may pose a threat.

    Creating freedom to operate

    We can help you to oppose the grant of an Australian patent, or have a granted patent reexamined to give you freedom to operate.

    Connecting you with others

    Using our extensive local network we can connect you with providers of complementary services including commercial lawyers, industrial and electronic designers, commercialisation and communication experts, and government grant experts.

    IP due diligence and supporting patent litigation

    We can confirm the existence and status of registered intellectual property rights, and provide an opinion on their validity. We can support solicitors involved in patent litigation.