Patentability of Computer Software

TIME: 12pm, 30th July 2014

LOCATION: Webinar, run by The College of Law

Duration: 1 hour


Phoenix Intellectual Property principal Justin Blows discusses software patentability in this webinar.

In Australia, the three main forms of protection for computer-related intellectual property are patents, copyright and circuit layout rights. Australian patent law enables a diverse range of computer software to gain patent protection.

Recent Federal Court of Australian decisions in relation to the patentability of software have attracted considerable attention in view of the value of software patents to companies and the economy.  These cases were stimulated by a recent reversal of the Australian patent office’s examination practice in relation to software patents.  Similarly, the patentability of software is a red-hot issue in the US, which has been recently considered by the US Supreme Court.

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to describe the current state of play in relation to software patents, and decide if a patent for software should be sought.